Friday, February 24, 2012

Featured Shop: Pederson Pottery

Today's featured shop is Pederson Pottery. Ryan Pederson of Pederson Pottery has been working with clay on and off now for 18 years. He describes himself as "mostly self taught" but tells us that he recently had the opportunity to live for 4 months in a 4,000 year old pottery village in central Turkey, where he says he "learned so much just by watching."
Ryan describes his work as having a classic/ancient look to it influenced by his time in the middle east and from his past employment working for a fine cabinet builder. You will also see a very Greek and sometimes Asian feel in his work. He says he just loves working on the potters wheel, and that it would be fine with him if that was all there was to the process. Ryan says he enjoys all aspects of being a potter from glazing and firing to trimming but it is the wheel that brings him the most satisfaction.
Here are a few samples of Ryan's stunning ceramic work:

Japenese Style Tea Set for Two with Green Glaze

Hand Burnished Urn

Pair of Iron and Copper Glazed Mugs

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