Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Craft Fair Advice: Choosing the Right Fairs

Those of us in the craft fair business know it takes a lot of experience to learn how to be successful selling our wares. If we're lucky, we can learn from other's experience and not have to figure everything out ourselves! With that in mind, I've been collecting advice from team members to share in what will hopefully become a regular blog feature. Today's batch of craft fair advice is about choosing fairs.

Sarah from Twisted Planet says: Ask if they allow resellers or have booths for large companies there (ie pampered chef, lia sophia) they might say no and still have them there, but it doesn't hurt to ask. The other thing I wish I'd know was to find out what type of advertising the show does. it doesn't do alot of good to have a great show and then not tell anyone about it.

Kippian Inglis from abitofthread says: Ask what their attendence (number) is. I haven't figured a ratio - but if they have 1000 attendees and 50 crafters - that's usually NOT good. Ask about your space - be sure you know exactly what it is and hopefully, WHERE it is. That said, you still need to be flexible and have alternative arrangements for your booth set-up.

Katrina Robb from PotatoBlossomStudios says: If you are unsure of a show, google the name. often artisans will list their shows on their blogs/sites, then you can email and ask how they liked that particular show. I have gotten very sage advice that way

Gentleadornments says: Whether you attend a show as a customer or are selling, don't be afraid to ask other vendors what shows are good for them -- most will be happy to tell you which shows have good sales and which ones are a bust. One of my better fall shows isn't on the internet -- I found it through another vendor. When you're checking out a show, find out if they group similar arts together or if they mix things up pretty well. and, find out if they have any type of limits on the number of similar crafters

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